Monday, October 02, 2006

Some recent scholarship

Dear readers,

I would like to highlight some upcoming Jüngel scholarship from a friend of mine, Dr. Christopher J. Holmes of Providence Seminary in Manitoba.

Upcoming in the Toronto Journal of Theology is a translation of Jüngel's Die Ewigkeit des ewigen Lebens, which he has translated as The Eternality of Eternal Life.

As well, in the next issue of IJST (Oct. 06) his piece "The Glory of God in the Theology of Eberhard Jüngel" will appear.




Anonymous said...

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Ben Myers said...

That's great news! I've been itching for the next IJST -- so now the itch is far worse!

Clint said...

Thanks for the reference. I'll take a look. BTW, are all authors of this blog equally enamored of Sufjan Stevens and Wilco? I notice in Thomas's profile that these are some of his musical favs, and I wonder if there is a subset of music listened to by theology nerds?

Are we a niche market?

Patrick McManus said...

I think you're right about theology nerds and music. Sufjan is my absolute favorite!

BTW: His new Christmas album will be available shortly. I've got a copy from a friend of a friend who knows a friend that was given one by Sufjan (he's recorded one for the last 4 years and is finally releasing them in a box set)...something to put on the list for Christmas! It's full of hymns, carols, and his own original stuff. It's quite good.

Jordan said...

Also to note, there is a presentation at ETS titled "Voicing the Mystery: Eberhard Jungel and Theo-Dramatic Theology", given by John Shouse (Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary).