Sunday, June 18, 2006

Request for Help

Some have asked me recently about the possibility of turning this into a group blog. Unfortunately, I do not know how best to go about this. I would like to have a sign-in on the main page like the Gunton Research Discussion Group. Do I just add these people to the blog as team members? Sorry for this rather mundane post, but I would like to allow others to join in the experience of reading and discussing this fine theologian. Thanks to all who help me in this.


Clint said...

There's a tool for inviting blog members on blogger. Click on the "settings" tab, then the "members" tab, then click on "Add team members" to add those you'd like to invite.

Hope that helps.

Thomas Adams said...

D.W. -- I'm certainly interested in contributing to this site, and I appreciate your efforts in giving Jüngel a “home” on the Internet. I’m planning on reading God’s Being is in Becoming sometime in July, so perhaps I could shoulder some of the load in your series. If nothing else, I’ll be able to provide better informed comments. Cheers, Thomas